Bringing two big players together

Connect your Tableau analysis application with Webtrends

While helping our customers leveraging Tableau's powerful data analysis capabilities with Webtrends data, more than often the desire came up to be able to connect directly to Webtrends' RESP API to pull report data into Tableau and refresh it as needed, without the hassle of exporting and formatting the data manually on every refresh, bringing it to a format Tableau could easily ingest.

Then, Tableau's announcement about the Web Data Connector functionality came out and we eagerly installed the 9.1 Beta of Tableau Desktop and tried to connect to the Webtrends API directly.

As we know now, this was not the way the WDC was supposed to work. But since we knew about the potential of such a functionality, we started investing time and patience in order to make this work, hoping to be able to finally deliver this so sought-after functionality to our customers.